How Does A Letter Travel?

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We basically live in a world where technology has taken over. A lot of people communicate via emails, texts and social media. However, simple letter still play a huge role in our society. A Letter is basically a hand written message on a piece of paper from one person to another. However there are different types of letters that certain induvial send. Such as Formal letters, informal letters. Formal letters are generally used to contact professionals and it has to be written in a certain format. These kind of letters are commonly sent for official purposes and for authorities. Informal letter is basically written in your own personal way, you can write to your friend, family members and so on. Below is how a latter travels to its recipient once its sent to the post office.

Collection the mails from the post box

Once the customer dispatches the letter to a post box, a postal carrier or a postman will remove all the mails from the particular box and takes it to the post office. Once the letters and the mails are taken to the post office, it will be shifted to the Australian mail services where the mails will be sorted and added a bar code to be identified.

Separating the mail by shapes

Once it reaches the processing area the letters will be sorted by the shapes and sizes. Larger envelopes and packages will be also sorted which they call as the culling process. A machine will assemble the packages so that the addresses will face the same exact way to be identified. Certain people also tend to use unaddressed mail services for a lower cost.

Scanning the package and sorting it out

Every single letter on the letter or the package will be scanned for information and where it should be sorted. However, if a letter or a packaged includes a image, the scanner won’t be able to read and it will sent to an different center for processing.

Applying a bar code for the packages and letters

Every single letter or packaged will printed with a barcode for identifications. These bar codes will also represent where the mail should be delivered

Transporting the mails to be sent

Once the mails are sort according to the zip code, these mails are sent to the airport to send it across the country. Once the mails reaches its destination the postal workers will collect and take It to the next post office for further processing and it will be sent to the specific delivery carrier.