Uses Of Portable Dressage Arena

In past, events were organized and marking of the area is done by chalk power. Then the barricade tapes were used for the marking. Both, chalk powder and barricade tapes serve the purpose well. But the problem with these options is that they are not fixed and needs correction frequently. Usually, the field area is utilized for multiple purposes, so the fixed demarcation is not possible. We have seen that the football field can be used for athletics, funfair or even parades. Installing fixture for demarcation have to be changed for every particular event. To overcome this issue, now the portable dressage is used. It has enhanced the utility of field area due to its portability and flexibility. The portable dressage arena can be used for many purposes

  1. Crop Field: This may also get used in crop fields. Many farmers have cultivated different types of crops in their field. They need to mark the area of every particular crop. It’s not necessary that same area is used for same crop every harvesting season. They cannot install fixed markings. They can use portable dressage to mark and as soon as they need to change it, they can easily do so. 
  2. Schools: This can have multipurpose use in school. They can be used for an outdoor school assembly, making boundary for any particular school events or to mark play area for kids.
  3. Sports Field: The most popular use of portable dressage arena is on the sports field. Its typical use is in the horse riding. The horse needs to be trained and for the training, the portable dressage arena is used. This can also be used for the various sports field.

The most popular material for portable dressage arena is PVC. The use of PVC makes it durable and lightweight. This helps in installation. Over the period, the arena size needs to be altered and if the fixture will be heavy or difficult install, then it will not be called portable. PVC provides the flexibility to the material and also durability, as it has to be installed outdoor, bears the extreme weather. Once installed, they can last longer. Some people also used wood for the dressage arena, but wood doesn’t provide such versatility as PVC. The wooden fixture will be heavy and moist can easily damage the wood.

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